Outsourced Lead Generation

By outsourcing lead generation, sales teams and business leaders can can focus on what they do best: selling or running the business. Sales professionals can spend up to 70% of their time on non-selling activities, such as writing emails, connecting on Linkedin or cold calling, taking valuable time away from their primary role. Outsourcing your lead generation will allow your business to optimise it’s revenue performance and increase sales.

An additional benefit of outsourcing lead generation is the ability to quickly increase capacity. This allows for a brand new channel of leads to be generated in a relatively short amount of time. Developing new channel strategies or building out internal teams can be time-consuming, but outsourcing can provide a quick solution.

Outsourcing lead generation also offers a solution for small businesses and startups that face a catch-22 problem: the need to increase sales, but not having the capacity to increase marketing headcount. By outsourcing lead gen, businesses can focus on the sales cycle and bring in revenue to continue growing without adding additional headcount.

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